Physics Animation Term Project: Rope Simulation

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UST Physics Animation Term Project

  • 주제: 현실 물리 기반으로 동작하는 3D model 구현
  • 기간: 2014년 2학기
  • 현실 물리 세계 법칙에 따른 동작 공식을 JavaScript로 구현하였으며, 그 공식에 따라 움직이는 물체들을 Three.js를 이용하여 Virtual 3D 공간에 표현.
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  1. Model a rope with multiple particles
  2. Implement bending feature
  3. Use of implicit integrator
  4. Collision
    • Against surroundings
    • Rope / Rope interaction


  1. Modeling
    • Particle
    • Rope
    • Plane
    • Cube
  2. Implicit Method
    • Implicit Euler Integration
  3. Collision
    • between Particle and Plane
    • between Ropes


  • Implicit Euler Method
  • Explicit Euler Method


  1. Collision particle and plane
    • Sometimes miss the collision (tunneling effect)
  2. Collision between ropes method is not that efficient
  3. Compare to explicit method
    • more stable


Physics for JavaScript Games Animation Simulations

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